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CV’s are presented in lots of various ways, the main thing to remember is that it is the shop window to the company so needs to be clean, formatted well and no spelling mistakes. Simple spelling mistakes and then putting you have an eye for detail can make the wrong impression. This is an opportunity for you to sell yourself but don’t over exaggerate as this will be picked up on when you take a new position. Its always better to start a new job and over achieve on the company’s expectations as this is great for you on future reviews and promotions. It’s a fine balance.

The CV is there to attract the interest of the company in order to get an interview. Therefore it does not need to include everything and read like War and Peace.


The average time someone spends reading a CV is 5 – 6 SECONDS,

therefore it needs impact

Engineering Managers and Directors are looking for you key skills and qualifications. So if that is CNC or CMM ensure you make it clear to the level you have experience. So if you program precision engineering machines make sure you state this clearly. Think about other engineering skills you have in a CNC workshop environment like manual machining, 1st off inspections, offline programming etc. List the CNC and CMM programs you use and any offline CADCAM software.

Ensure you don’t make a list of just what you do against a job, you need targets and achievements, companies are looking for what you can add not just do. Include CNC programs you use like Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mazatrol, Siemens and Hurco. List the precision engineering machines you have use as this could be a big selling point for you if the new company have the same machines.

When thinking about other responsibilities include any training of others, team leading, managing stock. Don’t include just day today functions like cleans and tidying up.

A good rule is for every five responsibilities you need one achievement.

CV should not really cover more than two pages, with a reasonable clear font

Bullet points should start with proactive power words and not be a paragraph

Ensure dates include months and year and all gaps are accounted for

Always start with most current job

Highlight or bold the parts you want to stand out or is relevant to the company

With education and training ensure you include all on the job training courses you have completed, as this shows your new employee you are open to learning and developing your skills.

CV Template



Phone Numbers / Email Address


3 – 4 Lines

Career Profile

Position ~ Company

Dates Jan 2012– Present

Company profile if required

Responsibility 1

Responsibility 2

Responsibility 3

Responsibility 4

Responsibility 5

Responsibility 6

Responsibility 7

Responsibility 8

Achievement 1

Achievement 2

Position 2 ~ Company 2


Company profile if required

Responsibility 1

Responsibility 2

Responsibility 3

Responsibility 4

Achievement 1

Education & Training

Any External or internal training

Dates ~ School, College or University

Course and or results

Dates ~ School, College or University

Course and or results

Hobbies & Interests

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