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Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Before Interview

  • Read the company information and / or website

  • Go through the job description making sure to make note of key points (essential and desired skills, etc)

  • Know where you are going and who you are meeting.

  • Put together 3-5 questions that you can ask in the interview.

Be very positive. Don't complain about anything - from your former employer to the weather - and don't apologise for experience that you don't have. Just sell what you do have and let the employer decide if you have what they're looking for. Also, avoid negative words.

Example: Rather than "I have a little experience...," say "I have experience..."

Mix speaking and listening fifty-fifty during the interview, people who ignore the rule generally don’t make a positive impression. Always finish an answer, but end with a question if you feel the interviewer is firing questions at you.

An interview is an opportunity for you to sell themselves. Don't be afraid to 'blow your own trumpet'. As long as you can back up what you're saying with examples which demonstrate that what you're saying is true, you're not bragging.

Key Points

  • Arrive early, go in 10 minutes early

  • Dress smartly, conservative suit & tie, polished shoes

  • Minimal jewellery, make-up, perfume

  • Firm handshake

  • Plenty of eye contact

  • Smile – it sounds simple but a lot of people forget!

  • Use the Interviewer’s name

  • Use a note pad to (1) note the companies description of the job etc (2) for your prepared questions

  • Always ask questions

  • If you are a smoker, make sure not to do so immediately before the interview

  • Always close with a question at the end of the interview

Remember an interview is not just for a company to question you it is also for you to find out if the company and position is right for you.

Questions to ask

  • How do you see this company developing over the next 3-5 years?

  • How does the company plan to sustain its position or achieve growth in the future

  • How would they describe the company culture?

  • What particular experience or qualities is the company looking for?

  • How will this position be measured? (what are the expectations?)

  • Who are the people I’d be working with and what are their backgrounds?

What made the interviewer join the company?

  • What do you particularly enjoy about working for the company?

  • Before leaving today, would I be able to look around?

Closing the Interview

  • I am very interested in this job and believe I can do well. Do you have any reservations about my ability to do this job?

  • I’m really impressed with your company, its products / services and everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet. I’m confident I could do a great job in the position we’ve discussed.

  • When can I expect to hear back from you?

  • I am very interested in this job do you see me fitting into your team?

  • I am very keen to hear what you enjoy/find interesting about working as part of this company?

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